The cost of so much connection and information has been the deterioration of our capacity for attention and reflection. And it is the quality of our attention and reflection that matters most.

The Great Delusion Behind Twitter

Took my children to see a house near us decorated for Christmas in a way that makes Clark Griswold look restrained. Merry Christmas.

Enjoying watching USA V. NED and have been impressed by the USA so far but when the cross the ball into the box they need to have someone there to make the shot. Unfortunately NED has demontrated twice how it’s done. ⚽️

It seems that in our pursuit of happiness, we’re taking focus off of what could be meaningful. But it’s in the pursuit of what is meaningful that happiness seems most likely to appear. As Viktor Frankl put it, “Happiness cannot be pursued, it can only ensue.”

Ryder Carroll

I have enjoyed the safety net of having Microblogvember to inspire me to post regularly and I’m hoping to continue posting regularly after it’s over (though I’m not sure that it will be daily).

Didn’t know how I would use the word fish in a post today and then I had to save a work colleague from falling victim to a phishing scam. I know it’s spelled differently but it’s the best I got.

I’m normally off on Monday but I’m starting a new trend today and moving my day off to Friday. Hoping for a good start to the week.

I always find that my motivation takes a nosedive on Sunday afternoons but unfortunately my day is not done till 6 today so I’ve got to find a way to focus again.

Made a commitment to the kids to get the Christmas tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Some years it’s freezing outside but this year we got some beautiful weather.

While there are certainly moments that I find writing sermons to be a frustrating activity, I very much enjoy the ritual of working through the process and seeing the finished product emerge.

I’m grateful to have time set aside to gather with family and give thanks for blessings in our lives but I also aim to retain that spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving on other days as well.

It always irritates me that Microsoft apps seem to want to update at the most inconvenient times. I think the universe is telling me it’s time to quit working on this PowerPoint.

Getting my children to eat a meal can at times be one of the greatest challenges of parenting. They would both rather graze than actually sit down and eat.

I had some dental work done today. I may need to ice my face later, or have a little ice with whiskey to dull the pain.

Qatar World Cup: Last Week Tonight

While I’m very excited to watch the World Cup, I’m grateful that John Oliver did this piece to help shine a light on the terrible treatment of the laborers who made this World Cup possible.

Watching the Eagles and hoping we don’t have a repeat of the game from Monday night. Let’s go Birds!

Cold outside on a Saturday means staying inside and reading a novel.

Currently reading: Cloud Cuckoo Land: A Novel by Anthony Doerr 📚

I’m so grateful for the work I get to do and never tire of being a pastor but after a long week I’m grateful for a day off tomorrow.

It’s been a long but productive day and now it’s time to finish it with something that has been aged in a barrel.

I’ve spent the last few days at a regional gathering of pastors but now I’m back in my own congregation which feels like returning to my local franchise after visiting with the larger cooperate structure.

I’ve been thinking all day about how I’m going to use the word aluminum in a post about my day today but I can’t seem to come up with anything clever.

Had to go down to Philly today for a gathering and hoped to leave before traffic getting home was too bad. I was unsuccessful.

Returning back to normal life from being on vacation for a week requires me to adjust back to my normal routine but with the gain of renewed energy for what’s to come.

Based on the way my kids are behaving this morning I have a suspicion that this could be a long day. Hoping I’m wrong.

Beauty on display in Lake George today.